How to Enjoy Your Albay Summer Escapades

From Governor Salceda’s wall:

Carefully plan your itinerary. Most of the destinations are far from each other. To maximize your enjoyment, pick one or two that are clustered near each other and just schedule the others for another day. For example, you can bring your family to Mayon Skyline for a picnic then take a cool summer dip at the cold waters of Dhio Endheka at the foot of Mayon then buy some souvenirs at the market of tabaco city on the way home.

Do not be afraid to venture beyond fastfood. All year round youve been having your fair share of jolly meals or mcdo favorites, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone. In Legazpi City and Daraga, there are wide array of choices but it doesnt mean theres none in other municipalities. In Tiwi for example, I always enjoy the home-cook meals at Tigbi Canteen (hope i get that name right) and in Guinobatan, it would take an army to stop me from eating at Yangmats.

There are several tour operators offering tour packages. These are intended to make your tour easier without having to worry much but the real fun is just losing yourself in the province. Go get a map (or ask one from the PTCAO) and just explore. Road network in Albay is simple. It revolves around Mayon. And riding in PUJ is also easy. Their routes are loop so if you think you are lost, just go back to where you came from by riding on the same jeepney plying the route but going the opposite direction……


After 440 years, Albay is now a progressive province that almost overshoots what it only dreamed of achieving some years ago.

Albay Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda on Wednesday led the entire officialdom of the province in celebrating the 440th year since its founding on April 3, 1574 with the installation of Juan Guerra as encomendero (holder of the encomienda) of the land called “Baybay” which later on became Albay.

In his message delivered in Filipino, Salceda underscored the provincial government’s efforts in pushing for the improvement of education and health of the Albayanos.

“Sa imprastruktura, ay maayos ang ating mga daan at highway, ang mga patubig at irigasyon, ang kuryente at inuming tubig (Our infrastructures boost of good roads and highways, water and irrigation systems, electricity and potable water),” he said.

The Governor also boosted the continuous flow of pro-poor programs despite statistical reports that Bicol Region is still one of the poorest regions in the country.

But his speech focused more on pushing for tourism promotion and development as the easiest way to earn and improve not only the towns and cities but also the barangays.

“Sinisikap nating madala ang mga turista sa inyong liblib na pook dahil nahuhumaling sila sa mga baybay-dagat, kuweba, ilog at talon, bundok at kagubatan. (We endeavored to bring our tourists to the far-flung areas because they are lured to our beaches, caves, rivers, falls, mountains and forest,” he said. “And while they (tourist) are there, it gives opportunities for our people to have jobs or put up their businesses.”

In closing, despite those that the province has achieved through the years, yet he admitted there are still more to be done.

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Albay Day 2014: A Day of Honor, Culture and Pride

Set by Proclamation No. 731, s. 2014, April 3, 2014 was declared a special non-working holiday in Albay so that the people of the Province of Albay be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate in the occasion with appropriate ceremonies. And that they did.

As an integral part and essential cog of the Daragang Magayon Festival 2014 celebrations, Albay Day was given appropriate importance in not only celebrating 440 years since the founding of the province, but also in giving full recognition to Albayanos who has given much pride and joy to the land where their roots have been set.

During the Albay Day program, honors and recognition were given to the two Albayano beauties which bagged titles in the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2014, Yvethe Santiago, Miss Supranational, and Bianca Guidotti, Miss International. Also given recognition were PMA Valedictorian Lt. Jheorge Llona, PNPA Valedictorian Glen Tabo Santelices, and PNPA 7th placer Jayson Rey Florin, all of whom hail from Albay or has deep family roots from the province.

In his speech made during the press conference at the Oriental Hotel, Vice Governor Harold Imperial reiterated the importance of the day saying “It is but fitting that today we honor the achievements of a number of Albayanos who have made the pages in the annals of our history.”

Imperial further declared that Albay Day was for unification and not just a singular celebration by saying “This is not just a celebration of the victory of an individual but it is the appreciation of the value of Albay, we reminisce the founding of the province by bridging our differences in politics, economics, and religion, remembering the ties, culture, and history that bind us all together.”

Aside from the young Albayanos who were honored earlier in the day, the Provincial Government of Albay also staged an awarding ceremony at the Albay Astrodome for ten outstanding Albayanos who have contributed greatly in different sectors that have made the Province of Albay distinctive and at par with the best that the world has to offer.

Awarded with the Rigodon De Honor for Tourism were Ms. Nini Ravanilla, Aguinaldo Carino, and Ricardo Dy, Ramona Raneses for Culture, Antonio Arispe for Broadcast Arts, Felipe Napa Jr. for Decorative Arts, Inocencio Bermundo and Plok Chavenia for Music, and for their contribution in the Literary Arts, Merlinda Bobis and Marne Kilates.