Chock-Full of Activities for Month-Long DMF2015

With barely a week to go before the much awaited opening of the Daragang Magayon Festival 2015, the Provincial Government of Albay, helmed by the irrepressible Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, through the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, has for months, planned, ironed out, and worked every possible detail to ensure that they, not only achieve the same success that they had during the previous years, but develop something better, and definitely bigger.

With no less than 150 events planned for the whole month, the DMF2015 will have a soft opening on April 5 and a grand opening on April 6 Monday, where stars and bands will fly in to officially usher in the start of one of the biggest festivals in the country today.

Each day from opening until the end in May 5, 2015, the calendar of events of the DMF2015 promises something new to attend and enjoy whether be it cultural, musical, sports activities, agricultural, pageantries, culinary, or historical, there is something for someone for any age or passion.

There are also activities that will be staged for the entire month, this includes the Daragang Magayon Art Exhibit, Spicy Albay 7 Photograph Exhibit, Magayon Garden Show, Tayo Kabuhayan Showcase, Trade Fair, Fiesta Culinaria, and of course, the fun-filled nightly drinks, foods, and shows at the Daragang Magayon Food Stalls and Rocklakan sa Daragang Magayon around the Penaranda Park.

Governor Joey Salceda said that DMF2015 is the perfect showcase where tourists, both from local and international sources will discover Albay’s rich history and cultural heritage through these events, plus equally important are the Albayanos’ talents and skills. As proven before, the Daragang Magayon Festival is great vehicle for the promotion of trade and tourism which is designed to efficiently advance Albay’s drive in pursuit of its goals to economic empowerment and independency for its people. (PGA PIO) March 30, 2015

Albay Gears Up for DMF 2015 Opening

With barely two weeks to go until the opening of this year’s edition of the much awaited Daragang Magayon Festival, the Provincial Government of Albay, helmed by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, along with the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO), and the Magayon Festival Executive Committee, is pulling no stops in their preparation to enhance the experience for the expected tens of thousands of tourists who will be flocking to the Province of Albay for the whole duration of the Festival.

The Daragang Magayon Festival 2015, which will start on April 5, 2015 with a soft opening and hold its grand opening on the following day and end on May 5, 2015, is widely regarded as the peak tourist season for Albay.

“Each year the influx of tourists, both local, and significantly from the international sector, has shown a considerable increase in number and there is no viable reason that this year would be any different,” said Ms. Dorothy Colle, the Provincial Tourism Officer and head of PTCAO.

Aside from developing programs and events that will ensure that the month long celebration would be anything but dull, the PTCAO has been fervently working hand in hand with the private sector, especially those in the hospitality industry, to ensure that tourists are properly accommodated and will have a most memorable experience in their visit in Albay.

“We have more than enough hotel rooms to accommodate our visitors and our partners have assured us that they will provide the best service that would make all Albayanos proud,” Ms. Colle stated.

Security wise, the Provincial Government of Albay has a longstanding working relationship with the Albay Provincial Police Office (PPO) in setting through the years, especially under the tutelage of the Salceda administration, the PGA is not taking anything lightly.

“Every DMF is a learning experience, we improve on our success and rise from our failures, we do our best to foresee any problems that may arise and enhance all that we have accomplished in the past, thanks to the unwavering and relentless dedication of the people behind the DMF, our partners, and of course, Gov. Salceda, each year of the DMF is a milestone in our history,” said Ms. Colle. (PGA PIO) March 24, 2015

Albay Launches Digital Tourism Progam


albay guideThe Provincial Government of Albay, led by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, in cooperation with Smart Telecom and InnoPub Media, has formally launched the Digital Tourism Program last March 15, 2015 as a means to augment the tourists’ experience while enjoying their stay here in the Province of Albay.

A two-pronged program, the Digital Tourism Program of Albay harnesses mobile technology to deliver tourism, cultural, and historical information via an app based platform as well as the use of Near Field Communications (NFC), and Quick Response Codes (QR) technology.

The app, or mobile application, which is now available for both IOS and Android platforms, dubbed Albay Guide, is a handy and easy to use guide which contains a plethora of information accessible via a simple touch of an icon. A user can have access to different data which includes Albay attractions, churches, places to eat, thi8ngs to do in Albay, accommodations, directories, tips on commute, and much more.

The second prong of the program, which is still in development, involves NFC and QR codes which will be placed in site markers in selected areas in the province where tourists can use QR code readers, and mobile devices with NFC capabilities, to download information regarding the sites and attractions where the codes and stickers are installed.

To be able to download information, the gadget needs to be connected to the Internet and have a QR code scanner, which can be downloaded for free in the phone’s application market. Some of the markers contain NFC tags that allow people to download information by merely placing their NFC-enabled phones near the marker.

Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, who has been largely credited for the big turnaround in the number of tourists coming to Albay in recent years, who have also recently received the first ever Tourism Star Award from the Department of Tourism, has fully supported the implementation of the program knowing that this technology would merge the culturally rich wonders of Albay with the innovations of new technological wonders to allow the province to take another big leap in the tourism industry.

Salceda has also expressed his hopes that this program will enrich the experience of the tourists allowing them to have a simpler and more enjoyable means of discovering Albay and encourage others to do the same. (PGA-PIO) March 20, 2015

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