PGA Recognizes Best Performing Schools of 2014

The Provincial Government of Albay, helmed by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, through the Provincial Education Department, gave recognition today to schools from the province that has attained high scores in the National Achievement Test for the year 2014.

Part of the Magayon Festival calendar of events, the annual recognition ceremonies, dubbed the Gay Palcon Achievement Award Ceremonies, named after the late educator and first PED head Dr. Ligaya Palcon, is now on its 7th year.

Recognized were schools from the province which have shown great performance in the NAT with high mean point scores by subject area, which includes Science, Math, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan, as well as schools that produced high overall mean point scores.

The schools and institutions which achieved the high scores were given not only plaques and certificates, but also monetary awards.

Vice Governor Harold Ong Imperial, in a message read by Senior Board Member Glenda Bongao, said that the PGA is on a mission to create an educational system designed in such a way that Albayano children do not merely exist, but will be given the tools necessary to lead fulfilling lives.

“In Albay, we strive not only to provide basic education, but to develop an educational system that inculcates in our youth all the advantages that they would need to become productive members of the society and also become an investment that will pay off greatly in the future, both for their own personal lives and as Albayanos pitching in for the betterment of everyone,” VG Imperial said.

Imperial further stated that this system encourages the participation of every member of the community so that we can produce not only well educated students but also thinkers, and movers and shakers.

Board Member Richard Benjamin Imperial, Chairman of the Committee on Education, also took to the stage as he thanked all the teachers and principals in attendance for the great lengths they took to achieve their high performance.

“You are at the forefront of all of our achievements today, the Provincial Government of Albay, along with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Albay can, and will, provide you with all the support that we can give, but it is still you who are out there every day educating the future of Albay, preparing us for the challenges that we will overcome, and for that we thank you,” BM Imperial said.

BM RB Imperial also happily reported that the SPA has approved a higher budget for the education programs of the PGA in the coming year and this will mean better access to quality education for all Albayanos.

Most of all, he thanked Governor Joey Sarte Salceda for the full support it has given to education noting that the Governor has allocated a big portion of the budget for it.

It should be noted that before the term of Governor Salceda, Albay ranked one of the lowest in the National Achievement Test, and he created the countries first and only Provincial Education Department to acknowledge this problem, today, ranks among the highest in the country. (PGA PIO) April 25, 2015

Albay Celebrates Women’s Summit

Womenfolk from all over the Province of Albay trooped to the Albay Astrodome here in Legazpi City to attend a conference dubbed as the Women’s Summit sa Daragang Magayon Festival where the event had a theme of “Juana, Desisyon Mo ay Mahalaga sa Kinabukasan ng Bawat Isa.”

Numbering to almost a thousand, the participants were treated to a day-long summit which included activities designed to empower women and honor groups and local government units which have made integral efforts in reshaping the role of women in our society today and providing them with the tools to better equip them with their ever changing needs.

Sponsored and produced by the Provincial Government of Albay, headed by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, through the efforts of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Albay, the Provincial Social Welfare Development Office, and the Gender Awareness Development Office, the Women’s Summit sa Daragang Magayon Festival, as the name implies, is an official event included in this year’s DMF 2015 calendar of events.

Yolanda Guanzon, head of the PSWDO, said in her opening remarks there is no more apt time to hold the event as the term Magayon itself refers to the legendary woman who has inspired the festival and women from Albay can learn a lot from her attributes, “Let us learn how to define ourselves, not by others,” Guanzon added.

Senior Board Member Glenda Ong-Bongao, chair of the Committee on Women, who spearheaded the project, also took center stage as delved on the importance of the said conference.

“This day is all about putting focus on women; to open opportunities and provide knowledge which we can use in our daily lives,” Bongao said.

“It’s all about choices, women are capable of many things, we have the power to do what we want and create the opportunities to do so without relying heavily on others,” she further stated.

The program proper of the forum was divided into two talks; first was a talk given by actress Ms. Bing Pimentel on the different roles of women entitled “Iba’t Ibang Mukha ni Juana,” and the second talk was on women entrepreneurship dubbed “Hanapbuhay para kay Juana,” conducted by renowned educator and event organizer Ms. Cynthia Reantaso-Bernabe.

After the program proper, the summit shifted to the awarding ceremony where Local Government Units were given awards and recognition for their programs and codes in the best practices for gender awareness development.

Ms. Tet Triunfante, Local Area Coordinator for the Philippine Commission on Women, along with the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Albay, headed by Vice Governor Harold Ong Imperial, handed out the awards to the three awardees, namely, The LGU of Legazpi City, the LGU of Tabaco City, and the LGU of the Municipality of Camalig.

Vice Governor Imperial in his message to the attendees lauded the efforts of those who received the awards and vowed that the SPA will do all that it can to attend to the needs of the Albayano women so that they can cope up with pressing issues and concerns of women today.

VG Imperial also took note of the overwhelming attendance of the different women’s groups from the different areas of the province saying that “your presence here today reinforces our resolve and mindset towards womenfolk; we cannot discount the involvement and contribution of women here in the province.”

The event was capped off by a sterling performance from the veteran balladeer, Marco Sison, who mesmerized the shrieking crowd with his warm and golden voice, singing some of the hits he is known for like, My Love Will See You Through, Maghihintay na Lamang, and the pop single Si Aida, o Si Lorna, o si Fe. (PGA-PIO) April 14, 2015)

Music and Fanfare Greets Formal Opening of DMF 2015

Despite the serious threat of Super Typhoon Chedeng causing massive disruption to the opening of the Daragang Magayon Festival 2015, Albayanos, particularly the Provincial Government of Albay and its charmed leader Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, had their high hopes up that Albay will be spared from the reported torrential winds and rains that Chedeng tows with it and they were not disappointed.

The soft opening held last Easter Sunday showed great promise as massive hordes of people trooped to the Penaranda Park here in Albay in good moods as the much awaited festival of festivals finally unfolded, sans terrible weather.

The formal opening of DMF 2015 was set today, April 6, 2015, and debuted with a mass at the Albay Astrodome, followed by a rousing grand opening salvo which consisted of continuous different dance numbers then the introduction of the various stakeholders involved in the development and production of this year’s edition of the Magayon Festival.

The formal program proper was started off by Vice Governor Harold Ong Imperial who welcomed the people in attendance then gave credit to Gov. Salceda saying that “We are proud to have a governor that can carry our banner in the local and international arena.”

VG Imperial continued his speech by exalting the efforts of the Albayanos and encouraging them to further do their best, “In the long run, it is us Albayanos who are the best people to promote Albay, our warmth and smile makes the visit of tourists worth their while.”

Manila Vice Mayor and President of the Vice mayor’s League of the Philippines Isko Moreno also graced the said event and gave his own message, lauding the unified stand of the Albayanos which greatly personifies hope.

“I am greatly impressed by the hyperactive efforts that you have made and will shamelessly say that Manila can learn and copy this, pursuing more than 200 activities crammed into thirty days is no laughing matter, but one though still holds true, kapag pursigido, panalo,” Moreno said.

Governor Salceda, tasked with the official declaration of the DMF 2015, also took to the microphone to deliver his message, saying that he is going to read the speech that he wasn’t able to read when he was presented the Tourism Star Award given to him last February.

In his speech, Gov. Salceda focused the limelight on the Albayanos and the people working in the Provincial Government of Albay giving them credit for all the success that Albay has achieved.

“The real star here is the people of Albay and its stakeholders, I am merely the moon reflecting the light that shines from them, if I am ever a star, I would be the Star of Bethlehem merely serving as a guide,” Salceda said.

“Our investments in nature, culture, culinary arts, social media, the people, institutions, and political harmony are now showing their fruits, the tremendous upsurge in the number of tourists that Albay has gained is the perfect testament to that,” Salceda further added.

Salceda also noted the rising popularity of the DMF and its difference from other festivals celebrated around the Philippines, noting that “While other festivals are religious by nature, Magayon culture is essentially, without being apologetic, a secular festival.”

The Albay Governor gave credit to the great artists, musicians, and creative people who has made tremendous contributions to the yearly production of the Daragang Magayon Festival and to stirring end, raised a cup of drink and toasted the people for the opening of the month long event.

The formal opening was followed by a symbolic doves and balloon ritual outside the venue, then moved on to the different ribbon cutting ceremonies in various locations around the Provincial Capitol Grounds, which includes the Daragang Magayon Food Stalls and Beer Plaza, Daragang Magayon 2015 Trade Fair and Special Setting, Daragang Magayon Art Exhibit, and the Daragang Magayon Spicy Albay Photo Exhibit. (PGA PIO) April 6, 2015