The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under the governance of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) together with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office (DA RFO-V) Regional Director Rodel P. Tornilla distributed 25 kilos of African Night Crawler (ANC). This is in support to the Organic Agriculture Program intervention for 2022. African night crawlers are very desirable for vermicomposting, harvesting worm castings, and raising for bait worms. It usually produce absolutely huge castings and advantageous in farming. Farmers from Tabaco City, Bacacay, Legazpi City, Rapu-Rapu and Pioduran were the recipient of the said program.

(Legazpi City, March 11, 2022) – In an almost jampacked hardcourt of Albay Astrodome, at least 500 Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) prospects underwent a one-half day training on career talk and job-hunting techniques with the theme “Job Hunting Techniques Cum: Career Coaching,” with Governor Al Francis C. Bichara, Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman and Board Member Atty Melissa Abadeza as guests.

Said half-day training was organized by the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) headed by PGDH Lily Nicoleta in close coordination with SPA Board Member Hon. Atty. Melissa Abadeza-Armedilla who chairs the Committee on Labor and Cooperative.

In her opening salvo, PESO head Lily Nicoleta told the young trainees ages 15 to 30-years-old that attitude with a hundred-percent rating must be adapted if one wants to achieve one’s career successfully while at work, aiming to be an ideal employee and have better connections with more people and inside the working environment where one is employed.

In sharing his insights, Governor Bichara told the young SPES trainees that employment will get them better and shall be the stepping stone to becoming a successful employee, adding further that one’s experience in work will be another benefit.

Governor Bichara said more about a good attitude for job seekers and employees. He said attitude is the common denominator inside the workforce, urging the trainees to consider this in their chosen career and make it as a reflection in realizing how the real world actually works.

“You need to be aggressive, but if you’re shy, you won’t be successful,” Governor Bichara said.  “Learn to speak up and stand on your own,” Governor Bichara added.

Meanwhile, on the part of Vice Governor Edcel “Grex” Lagman, he advised and encouraged the young trainees in his speech.  “After this career guidance and coaching, when you render your service after finding a job, I hope you will be successful in your chosen career, and make yourself a driving force for others to strive hard and be also successful,” Vice Governor Lagman said.

PGDH Lily Nicoleta told Albay PIO that to qualify as a SPES beneficiary, the applicant must have to be enrolled in high school or college without receiving a scholarship grant and not employed with other government agencies.  Nicoleta added that out-of-school youths (OSY) are eligible to earn SPES benefits provided they show interest to enroll in a state university or college (SUC) and local community university (LCU) in the following semester.

SPA Board Member Atty. Abadeza said that the SPES training aims to help the youth be properly advised on the right directions in deciding and choosing the correct career paths.

In her closing remarks, PESO head Lily Nicoleta said she plans to set up another training seminar to focus on writing formal letters, preparing curriculum vitae, and other techniques that will gradually help the SPES beneficiaries.

Jasmine Ollorga/Kristel Abad, Albay PIO

Photo Credits:  Lorie Barcelon

(Legazpi City, March 14, 2022) – Over a thousand residents of Bgy. Pantao in Libon, Albay was served by the Provincial Health Office in its medical, dental, and optical missions held Saturday, March 12 made possible through the initiative of Governor Al Francis Bichara, and the Provincial Health Office (PHO) headed by PGDH Dr. Estela B. Zenit.

At least 1,434 residents came to be served with free medical consultations, given free medicines, dental check-ups, and tooth extractions side by side with the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, Provincial Agricultural Office, and the Provincial Veterinary Office.

The seven (7) barangays served were Caguscos, Macabugos, Tambo, Pantao, Talin-Talin, Rawis, and Apud.

In its full final report, the Provincial Health Office has accommodated a total of 1,434 beneficiaries of which 648 underwent medical consultation, 22 given anti-COVID-19 vaccines, 364 on optical services, 355 on free dental services, 36 were given free laboratory assistance, and only 9 boys given surgical help in the free “Operation Tuli.”

PSWDO led by PGDH Dr. Eva Grageda distributed again free wheelchairs and added stick canes to fully screened senior citizens and persons with disability (PWD), plus financial assistance to the unfortunate and indigent persons.

As a constant partner of PHO, the Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) led by PGDH Che Rebeta helped in giving away free vegetable seeds, combined with free haircut while free vaccination of anti-rabies and deworming pills to the pet animals by the Albay Veterinary Office led by PGDH Dr. Pancho Mella.

These departments that acted as partners in all the missions held all over Albay led by Governor Al Francis C. Bichara successfully delivered free services relevant to their specific workloads held together at Barangay Pantao’s big covered court.

Jose M. Briones/Kristel Abad, Albay PIO

In line with the Women’s Month Celebration, the Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under by Gov. Al Francis Bichara joined the celebration of the International Women’s Day yesterday, March 8, 2022, during the Medical, Dental and Optical Mission and COVID-19 Vaccination in Camagong, Oas, Albay.

Many Juanas from Barangay Camagong and nearby barangays were able to enjoy free services such as medical consultations and lab tests, provision of free medicines, eye refractions, dental services, libreng gupit and provision of agri inputs. Assistive devices such as wheelchairs, quad canes, crutches and eyeglasses were also distributed through PSWDO headed by Dr. Eva Grageda. 34 indigent clients were interviewed by PSWDO Social Workers and recommended to avail financial assistance.

The said activity was attended by the departments of PGA: PHO, AVO, PIO, PGSO, and APAO.

The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under the dynamic and innovative leadership of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) headed by Dr. Eva A. Grageda conducted its 1st Quarter Meeting on March 8, 2022 that was held at the Albay Capitol, Legazpi City. The officers of the Albay Senior Citizen’s Association (ASCA) discussed different agenda concerning their organizations. It was a productive and worthwhile day as the ASCA officers convened with each other in undertaking what they pursue.

(Legazpi City, March 3, 2022)- The four departments mandated to provide health, social, agricultural, and veterinary services; namely, the Provincial Health Office (PHO), Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), the Provincial Agricultural Office (PAO), and Provincial Veterinary Office PVO), spearheaded by Governor. Al Francis Bichara, has simultaneously helped nine (9) barangays of the medical, dental, optical, agricultural, animal care missions at Embarcadero de Legazpi close to barangay Victory Village today.

The nine barangays made recipients of the four kinds of services at the said venue were barangays Dinagaan, Lapu-Lapu, Victory Village South/North, Capantawan, Tinago, Penaranda, Oro Site, and Bitano.

This PGA continuous community outreach program has allowed the residents of the nine barangays to throng early at the Embarcadero de Legazpi, were served and turned beneficiaries after being identified in need of the health, social, dental, and optical services to free individual check-ups, free medicines, vitamins, and those who were in need of laboratory check-up, ultrasound, and x-ray patiently attended by different teams.

In agriculture, the PAO offered ready-to-plant seeds while AVO gave free anti-rabies vaccines and deworming pills to high-bred home pets.

Resident Gemma Barcelon, 53, of Victory Village said she had her medical check-up on her chest pains and was found out to have very high blood pressure.  Mother and son, 56 and 17 respectively of Bitano, lined up to get a dental check-up, on tooth extraction.  From the priority area, Consolacion Bellen, 85, of Victory Village, said she had her tooth extracted. About eighteen persons with disabilities and senior citizens including Consolacion Bellen after her tooth extraction were given wheelchairs by the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) by PSWDO through Governor Al Francis C. Bichara. Some were accompanied by their children and guardians while receiving the wheelchairs.  Ludy Arias, 50, of Capantawan had an optical check-up due to blurry vision and severe headaches which were attributed to poor eyesight.

The Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) again freely distributed seeds of patola, pechay, okra, pole sitaw, upland kangkong.after undergoing one or two of the four missions.

On the side of the Albay Veterinary Office (AVO) headed by PGDH Dr.Pancho Mella, it answered queries about their pets. while giving the anti-rabies vaccine and deworming pills. In this mission, the AVO recorded five (5) canines served; three (3) were dewormed and injected with anti-rabies, while only two (2) were dewormed.

Like all the other services, the JBDAPH again gave free laboratories to undergo diagnostic tests. the eight laboratory services of complete blood count (CBC), blood typing, urinalysis, fecalysis, typhidot, hepa-B screening, rapid plasma regains (RPR), and a pregnancy test.

Kristel Abad/Jasmine Ollorga, Albay PIO

Photo Credits; Lorie Barcelon

The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under the administration of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Provincial Social Welfare headed by Dr. Eva Grageda and Development Office (PSWDO) facilitated and led its Medical, Dental and Optical Mission team of Albay at San Miguel Island last, March 4, 2022.

During the activity there were 32 Senior citizens and 7 PWD who received wheelchairs, 5 senior citizens received quad cane and 15 clients received financial assistance, medical dental and optical services. The following barangays were also provided sacks of rice, a total 3,266 packs of rice was given to the Albayanos from the West Coast areas.

Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara aims to promote and support good quality of education in the province. Thus, the Provincial Government of Albay through the Provincial Education Department (PED) distributed cash incentives to students on March 3, 2022 at Provincial Treasurer’s Office.

Each of Qualified Students from different Municipalities of Albay received Php 2,000.00 this is to acknowledge their excellence in academic. This is to promote High Standards of Learning and Education among Albayanos Students. The said recipients are still part of the 2021 educational assistance program of the Provincial Government of Albay.

The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under the vibrant leadership of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) administered its Albay for Beautification Clean and Green Program (AFBCGP) Season 2 Awarding Ceremony on March 1, 2022. The AFBCGP is a program conceptualized by Gov. Bichara as a campaign for cleanliness and beautification throughout Albay. It aims to provide relaxing, healthy environment among the populace and most of all to institutionalize good governance.

The said awarding was attended by the Department of Agriculture to Secretary William Dar, DA Regional Field Office 5 (DA RFO 5) headed by Regional Executive Director Rodel P. Tornilla for the unending support to this  program. To all the  Mayors of the different LGUs, Municipal/City Agriculturists, Barangay Captains, AFBFPP Officers and members.

Below are the following LGS’s and people who received their awards.

  • 2022 AFBCGP Outstanding LGU – Polangui
  • 2022 AFBCGP Outstanding Municipal Agricultural Officer – Alfredo Mariscotes Jr. of LGU Polangui
  • 2nd Placer – LGU Tabaco City
  • 3rd Placer – LGU Sto. Domingo
  • 4th Placer – LGU Bacacay
  • 5th Placer – LGU Tiwi
  • 2022 AFBCGP Outstanding Barangay – Barangay Dap-Dap, Legazpi City
  • 2nd Placer – Barangay Pistola, Oas Albay
  • 3rd Placer – Barangay Balangibang, Polangui, Albay

The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) under the governorship of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Provincial Tourism Cultural and Arts and Office (PTCAO) and Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) welcomed and convened with the delegation of the National Defense College of the Philippines Study Tour 2022 on, March 1, 2022 at the AFB Village Cabangan, Camalig Albay.

The National Defense College of the Philippines conducted their annual National Security & Development. They had chosen the province of Albay as the study tour in Disaster Risk and Tourism. The event was attended by different government offices. Additionally, they had also visited El Miro de Shei & Bounty Village to experience on hand cacao wine tasting, pili cracking and bee harvest at the Albay Farmers Bee Farm that will be conducted on March 22, 2022.

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