Thousands of attendees drowned in noise the Albay Astrodome here in Legazpi City as the Gov. Al Bichara Cup 2016 was formally opened today, November 16, 2016. Clapping and yelling starts every time a team or school name is called and the thunderous cheering would even become louder as school bands would play inside the venue.

The formal opening started with a foot parade from the Bicol University grounds which headed to the main venue the Albay Astrodome where each school representatives, both the athletes and the officials, would enter the venue group by group.

The Astrodome, half full already with eager supporters, would loudly cheer as their school would enter the venue, after all the schools have entered, more than 20 in all, coming from 9 cities and municipalities from all over Albay, numbering to more than 3000 athletes, 300 school athletic officials, the formal opening ceremony started with Gov. Al Francis Bichara himself declaring the event open.

In his message, Governor Bichara praised all those who worked continuously hard for the success of this year’s edition of Albay’s premier and most prestigious academic sporting event.

“When I first started my term this year as Governor, I was saddened by the state that the Albay Astrodome was in, I knew that I had to have it remedied to make it world class, and we had to do it in less than two months to make it ready for today, and I am happy that it was done right,” the Governor said.

Gov. Bichara then addressed the student athletes and reminded them about the importance of sportsmanship and integrity.

“Do not just focus on winning, what is essential is how you play the game, there will be many other times and moments to win,” Bichara said.

Bichara also expressed his intentions to finish the tournament by December, stating that he hopes that the games will go on without any flaws and the schedule will be strictly adhered to.
After the formal opening declaration, the Astrodome once again roared as the thousands in attendance cheered for their candidates as the much-anticipated Miss Governors Cup went underway.

21 secondary candidates and 7 tertiary candidates took center stage representing their respective schools and academic institutions for this year’s crown.

An exhibition game in men’s volleyball, between an Albay selection team versus the BISCAST (Bicol State College of Applied Science and Tech) team from Naga City was set to close out the program. (PGA-PIO) RCFernandezIII November 16, 2016