“Earth’s Great Treasure lies in Human Personality”

JCI Sen. Al Francis Bichara, Albay Governor was awarded the “Most Outstanding JCI Senator of the Philippines for 2020 by Gold Awards Chairman, Past National President Domingo Roque, Jr. and the Junior Chamber International Senate Philippines (JCISP) at their 52nd Virtual National Convention in Quezon City on Nov. 22, 2020.

Gov. Bichara served the movement for fifty (50) years and was awarded on the basis of leadership excellence, impeccable character and pioneering achievements advancing its 6th tenet of the JCI Creed that “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life.”

He was recognized for his honesty and integrity when he helped set election rules and rebuild the image of the scandal-marred Philippine Jaycees in 1982 after an earlier election tarnished its reputation.

Displaying Leadership Excellence, he mentored Bicol’s best politicians and public servants, business and civil society leaders in the 1980s, 1990s and again in the 2010s to present. He is a politician who is not scared to speak his mind and does not ride the political bandwagon which most do.

From his jaycee indoctrinations, he embarked on pioneering infrastructure developments in tourism, government, humanitarian, disaster risk management programs. Evidence of his legacy still stands today from successful politicians, businessmen and the infrastructure developments he started 25 years ago.

A multi-awarded public servant (67 awards) he is one of a few who distinctly served in three branches of government (executive, legislative, foreign diplomatic affair) and headed national organizations from CSO to NGOs and People Organizations.

Among his many firsts, Gov. Bichara was the nation’s “First Zero Casualty Awardee” (1994), TESDA’s most decorated public official (3 national awards),  bold and compassionate ambassador who saved 6,000 OFWs and berated the government for their inefficiency and lack of care for them, an Outstanding Legislator advancing and pioneering social service delivery for the vulnerable sectors nationwide.

JCI Senate Philippines was formed in 1952 to officially recognize JCI members who displayed exemplary dedication and leadership to the JCI Mission.

Gov. Bichara was endorsed by JCI Sen. Norberto San Pablo, president of Tabaco Jaycees and was sponsored by the JCI Senate of Mayon (Tabaco City) Chapter President by James Erwin Moran in 1994.

An esteemed  senior member of JCISP,  he is identified with Jaycees of yester years who have created paradigm shifts that effected “positive change” in communities, governments units, lifestyles and improved peoples’ characters and traits.

Thru this senior group, JCI Sen. Al Francis C. Bichara stay connected and provide support throughout the entirety of their lives. The JCI Senate is just one more way JCI members around the world give back and financially assist positive changes around the world.

Congratulations JCI Sen. Al Francis C. Bichara Governor of Albay. A man who cares!

The first Bicolano Awardee in the Highest Level search category under the JCISP Gold Awards Program established in 1980.

Credits to DWC Legazpi Graphic Artist David Arellano, Photographer Joshua Dandal & Assistant Writer/Researcher Dominique Francesca Bello, and JCI Sen. Luis Francisco P. Bello