(Legazpi City, April 11, 2022) – In the one-day seminar-training conducted by the Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) headed by Officer-in-Charge Maria Teresa Adopina Balane in coordination with Albay Provincial Agriculture Office (APAO) in line with Gender and Development (GAD) program held Friday, April 8, at Albay Farmer’s Bounty Village (AFBV) auditorium, it recommended the use of hydroponics, a new method of farming, to at least a hundred employees of the Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) who attended said training-seminar.

Sharing his knowledge as the resource speaker, Mr. Francisco Dobie Obiña discussed widely the new method of planting called Hydroponics farming where the plants need less water to grow. Obiña explained that hydroponics farming uses natural water such as from a water well and rainwater, saying further that it provides enough advantages, stressing that this method of gardening requires minimal use of space, provides more control of the growing environment of plants, and attracts fewer pests or insects.

He said that a hydroponics gardener need not do heavy work such as cultivation and eliminating the growth of weeds or unwanted grasses, strongly emphasizing that hydroponic is more efficient than the soil-based growing system for the main reason that it eliminates the use of chemicals or pest control products, gladly saying that these pesticides are no longer needed when growing through hydroponics farming.

In hydroponics farming, Obiña added, the production increases up to 3 to 5 times, and the plants grow faster because the nutrients are perfectly absorbed by the roots because of the absence of pest control products. As for the use of space, hydroponics can apply vertical farming, allowing gardeners to make use of the excess spaces.

Obiña said that APAO grows parsley with the help of farming technology, as well as kale which is expensive in the market because it is used by Chinese medical experts as preventative herbal medicine for cancer because of the sulforaphane contents that help to combat cancerous cells even at their molecular stages and indole-3-carbinol that prevents the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers, including breast, endometrial, and cervical cancers.  Obiña further explained why less water is needed in hydroponics farming because of the reservoir system in which the water storage is not exposed to the sun, so no evaporation occurs. He mentioned that a solution is added to the water that helps the absorption of nutrients and minerals by the roots, which the plants need.

According to Obiña, it is the best method of farming, especially in areas without access to water. He also demonstrated the procedure of hydroponics farming to make it applicable to the participants’ respective backyards.

Officer-in-Charge Maria Teresa Adopina Balane through her representative, Ms. Jaymee Florence Estrada Ribaya, expressed deep thanks to the resource speaker Mr. Obiña, and to PGDH Che Rebeta for the free use of the AFBV Auditorium.

Jose M. Briones/Kristel Abad,Albay PIO

Photo Credits; Lorie Barcelon