Cooperative Development Division

  • Organization , promotion and development of cooperatives;
  • Institutional capability building assistance ;
  • Facilitate linkages between and among cooperatives and other organized groups and agencies;
  • Develop service and development –oriented cooperatives who would serve as catalyst for change;
  • Coordinate with Cooperative Development Authority and other concerned agencies.

Enterprise Development Division

  • Promote development of small to medium scale enterprises;
  • Provide small to medium scale enterprise to productive resources and economic opportunities;
  • Provide organized groups with livelihood resource assistance to promote enterprise growth and satisfaction of minimum basic needs;
  • Provide assistance in project development;
  • Coordinate with DTI,TLRC and other line agencies;
  • Facilitate all training activities of the PCEDO office;
  • Coordinate with other line agencies that has concern on training particularly on cooperatives and enterprise development;
  • Facilitate training linkages;
  • Provide access to livelihood resources.

 Public Employment Services Division

  • Facilitate placement of job applicants through Job Networking and by conducting Jobs Fair;
  • Provide counseling among jobseekers;
  • Manpower registry;
  • Employment Information, Referral and Guidance Services;
  • Coordinate with DOLE and other agencies concerned.

Administrative Support Services

  • Support the implementation of the different programs and projects of the PCEDO office;
  • Coordinate, complement and harmonize the different activities of the PCEDO office;
  • Data Banking;
  • Cooperative /Enterprise Project Implementation Review;
  • Monitor Cooperative and Enterprise Activities;
  • Evaluate/Assess the Performance of Cooperative and small to medium scale enterprises;
  • Prepare Plans and Programs for Cooperatives and Enterprise Development.

Non-Formal Education and Training

  • Develop skills and capabilities of out-of-school youth through non-formal learning education program and technical assistance;
  • Provide access to NFE facilities.