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Gob. Lagman ipinag-utos ang mas malinaw na pamantayan sa pagsuspendi ng klase sa paaralan sa Albay tuwing may sama ng panahon

(Legazpi City, Enero 18, 2023) – Pinirmahan na ni Albay Governor Edcel ‘Grex’ Lagman ang Executive Order (EO) No. 2 kung s...


Provincial Administrator Sheina Onrubia, representing Albay Gov. Atty. Edcel Greco Lagman, receives personnel and staff from the The Departm...

Profiling for households affected by BIA-P2 expansion set

(Legazpi City, January 17, 2023) The Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) will conduct a profiling activity on January 18–20 this year for...

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