Every local government until  shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those  necessarily implied there from, as well as powers necessary, appropriate, or incidental for its efficient and effective governance, and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare. Within their respective territorial jurisdictions, local government units shall ensure and support, among other things, the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, encourage and support the development of appropriate and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, promote full employment among their residents, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants. (Local Government Code – Sec. 18)


Albay as the most progressive, disaster-resilient, and globally competitive province anchored on wellness and excellent quality health care services wherein inclusive growth in agriculture and tourism sectors is achieved through a dynamic, gender responsive and participatory leadership and governance.


To uplift the quality of life of the Albayanos socially, economically, morally, and spiritually.



We, the officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Albay, commit to:

           PROMPTLY service the public regardless of their status in the society with due courtesy at all

            times during office hours, and even beyond the call of duty when services are necessary;

           UNCOMPROMISINGLY provide technical assistance with demonstration of sensitivity and

            appropriate behavior of professionalism and Lord’s guidance;

           BELIEVE in the thrust of the government through its authors for a well-being public service

           LEGALLY obey orders addressed by authorities

           INTELLIGENTLY address any and all complaints without further delay to fast track the delivery of

            public service

           CONTINUOUSLY educate ourselves in terms of the needs of the public in order for us to response

            according to their needs

           STRENGTHEN the public participatory approach for a healthier Albay

           EXTEND assistance to the clientele with fast and accurate service — fair, just and equitable

           RESPONSE actively to the socio-economic, socio-civic needs of the public through response

            measures and genuine delivery of basic services

           VIGOROUSLY serve the public within highest esteem and regards in accordance with the standards set of public


           INCULCATE in our minds the virtues expected of every development worker,

           CALL for society and propriety in times of disorder, misunderstanding and chaos; and

           EXERCISE tolerance for all the shortcomings that the public may display to us either purposely

           deliberately and intentionally.



PG-Albay Citizen’s Charter_2022