My warmest congratulations on the successful launching of the PGA Website!

The Office of the Vice Governor beams with pride on this newest venture as we uphold good governance and transparency in our leadership and administration.

The launching of our website means going above and beyond in the name of excellent public service. In this world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, an official website will make credible information accessible. Everyone is online. An official website will serve as a bridge between the local government and the people to improve delivery of services and goods. The people, especially the underprivileged, have the right to know and to take part in governance. Through our website, the people will not only have the opportunity to be informed, but also to be heard through effective feedback mechanism. They will also have the chance to contribute in more ways than one.

Our official website builds awareness through bringing credible information, especially on the government services the people need and are available for them. In this era of fake news, it is high time to change the conversation by serving the truth, inspiring faith, hope and love in the entire Albay community. This launching is important in setting the stage and spurring cooperation by presenting the key accomplishments of the administration. The feature sections are just incredible to spice up the Albayanos in enriching their knowledge.

Our official website, as an accountability tool, will render every Albayano an insider look on the vision of the provincial government. As a transparency platform, it promotes a culture of trust and inclusion, bringing everyone together in a shared vision for Albay. Information is key to growth and establishing opportunities to contribute certainly leads to positive development. The Office of the Vice Governor is one with the Office of the Governor and the entire PGA family in our good governance values and ideals. I am excited for our website to also serve as a tool to raise awareness on the importance of public policy.