Cagsawa Ruins – Daraga, Albay

Just outside the town proper of Daraga, Albay, lies the belfry of a 16th century church that was destroyed as Mayon had its most violent eruption in recorded history on Feb 1, 1814.

Today, the remains of the church (bell tower) is famous to thousands of tourists, both local and international, as it is set against the magnificent backdrop, the Mayon Volcano.

Sources : Joena Jamison

Kawa-Kawa Hill – Ligao, Albay

It is called Kawa-Kawa as its shape resembles a cauldron (Kawa or Caldero in Bikol language). Because of this unique shape is of the same reason why it is also called a hill without a hilltop.

Bambusetum in Ligao City

The Bambusetum lies on the slopes of Kawa-Kawa Hills in Tuburan, Ligao City. It is another attraction that has been drawing thousands of visitors since it opened in 2014. It’s a one hectare sanctuary for a variety of the mighty grass we all know, the bamboo. It adds a generous amount of green to the already lush and verdant fields of the hill.

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Mayon Skyline

Located on the eastern side of the Mayon Volcano, 2,700 feet beyond sea level, the Mayon Skyline View Deck is a recreational area that has a grand view of Albay and the Pacific Ocean.

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Albay Park and Wildlife – Legazpi City, Albay

This is Albay’s only zoo, a home to more than 400 birds, mammals, and reptiles. Some specific animals are the Philippine Hawk Eagle, bleeding-heart pigeons, brown boobies, ring neck, pheasants, iguanas, reticulated pythons, crocodiles, Philippine Warty Pigs, the Philippine Deer, a tiger, and red squirrels.

Cagraray Eco Park – Bacacay, Albay

Dazzling with an overview of the beach and neighboring islands, Cagraray Eco Park is a fun and scenic playground.  It is best experienced when on an ATV or golfcart as it gives one the feeling of discovery and adventure.

Cagraray Ampitheatre
Upon seeing this wonderful structure, you can’t help but be amazed by its beautiful architecture. Situated just beside the sea with a green backdrop, the amphitheater is the perfect spot for a photo shoot, especially when it’s lit up when the sky gets dark. However, the best time to come is early in the morning so you can catch the sunrise.

Cagraray EcoPark Zipline

Complete the fun by ziplining t the Cagraray Eco-Energy park. Enjoy the relaxing setting of the countryside while pretending you are flying atop the mountains of Cagraray Island. This can be a great adventure for the entire family during your stay.

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Calabidongan Cave – Camalig, Albay


It literally means “cave of the bats.” Explorers have to trek, cross over brooks and river before reaching the cave mouth and swim across a seven-foot lagoon called lizard’s gate; then, out into an overwhelming cathedral with a streak of light pouring in from its ceiling. Requires heavy spelunking.

Corangon Shoal – Tiwi, Albay

Mainly composed of crushed corals and smooth beige colored sand. It is surrounded by deep blue waters with huge waves splashing on its end. Home to different marine species and beautiful corals, it is declared as a municipal marine sanctuary. 

Farm Plate – Daraga, Albay

Activities like Horse grazing, Pigeon holes, Biking, Carabao Ride, and ATV. There are also a few hammocks to rest around, a cozy cottage atop, caged birds, Country cottage and has a Tent area space.

Hoyop- Hoyopan Cave – Camalig, Albay

Is a multi-level cavern of natural limestone situated at the village of Cotmon in Camalig, Albay. The gentle and breezy wind that blows through the numerous openings of the cave gave birth to its name Hoyop-Hoyopan which was derived from the vernacular word “hoyop” which means to blow.

Sources: Jaye.Roy | Anthony Din Doloiras

Jovellar Cave & Underground River – Jovellar, Albay

Quitinday Underground River is our version of Palawan Subterranean River. It can be navigated by riding a bamboo raft that ends on a two-tier smaller cascades

Sources: Tk Filmsy | Angel Juarez | Glenn Belarmino

Ligñon Hill – Legazpi City, Albay

A place good for hiking, climbing, zip line, rappelling and offers a 360-degree view of the Mayon Volcano at day time and a panoramic view of the city, especially at night. 

Mataas Cave – Bacacay, Albay

Mataas cave would require you to trek the forests of Bacacay. From the pier, walking to the cave would take about 20 to 30 minutes. Exploring the whole cave, meanwhile, would take about a day because of its numerous chambers.

Minaroso Island Cave – Rapu-Rapu, Albay

Minaroso Caves is a natural cavern situated close to the sea. It is haven of seabirds and swallows. The cave is still unexplored.

Mt. Masaraga in Ligao City

Mount Masaraga is placed in the boundary of the cities of Ligao and Tabaco. It is one of the three volcanic mountains called the “MAGAYON TRIO” with Mount Malinao and Mount Mayon. It is the smallest of the three mountains yet it offers a challenging and breathtaking experience. Revealing itself to be one of the Bicol’s best hiking secrets discovered in April 2011.

Muladbucad Beach Resort – Manito, Albay

Located in Brgy.Hulogan Manito Albay. Boasting for its crystal clear water, Muladbucad White Beach is one of the fewest white beach in Albay accessible by both sea and land.

Oma-Oma Highlands Sitio Tigbao Oma-Oma, Ligao City

The highlands of Tigbao Oma-Oma, Ligao City known as the Tigbao Highlands, is full of stunning sceneries that will bring you to Scotland version highlands. Think big skies, mind blowing landscape, superb sceneries and hospitable people – and you’ve got Tigbao Highlands. There’s natural  playground which begs to be explored. Rejoice with the amazing view of the town, the greenery and of course, the beautiful, Mt. Mayon Volcano and Mt Masaraga.

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Solong Eco Park and Tours Cave and Mountain at Solong, Camalig Albay

Are you a nature lover? Looking for a place where flora and fauna are rich? Try and visit SOLONG ECO PARK IN CAMALIG ALBAY. Good and perfect view of cave formation. Have fun trekking on top of the Hill to view the adjoining Green Hills formation known as Little Bohol of Bicol. Also, enjoy taking photos at the Portal similar to that in Bali, Indonesia. It is an attraction where visitors can learning something at. Immerse yourselves among the greens and breath in and out of fresh air. Tourists can enjoy the agricultural attractions like the bee farm and Dragon fruit Demo Garden. Unlimited photos can be taken at Pororo Bridge and Solong Eco-Park Marker. After rambling you can rest in the Hammock around the area.

Pototan Cave –  Rapu-Rapu, Albay

Its cave entrance, is shaped like a yawning mouth. Once inside, an underground river calmly flows into different chambers and passageways. Stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, sizes, and contours are carved on craggy walls.

Quitinday Greenhills – Camalig, Albay

The Quitinday Hills are said to be Albay’s version of The Chocolate Hills. And because Albay is known to be a pili producer, these Pili Nut Hills has been associated with it.

Sources: Travelarcher | Ronnie Chua Padao | Paul Cuenca

Quituinan Hills – Camalig, Albay

Quituinan Hills is one of the best spots to watch the spectacular Mt. Mayon. Visit QUITUINAN HILLS in Camalig, Albay. Visitors can have a good view of Mayon Volcano at this place. You can also enjoy kite flying, picnics and horseback riding. Historical tunnels can also be found here and can be explored for a historical adventure or cave hopping.

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Sumlang Lake – CAMALIG, ALBAY

One of Albay’s newest attractions, the sumlang lake, it is a 14 hectares body of water that later on discovered and renovated. Visitors and guests can have a relaxing ride in this 9-hectare swamp in an on a bamboo raft jazzed up with exquisite abaca furniture. It is best done towards sunset where the rafts can be framed in a snapshot with the picturesque Mayon in the background.

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Trinity Islands – Oas, Albay

A group of low-lying hills surrounding the gentle valleys along the coast  in rural Albay; a pebbly, sandy shore; a boscage of lush trees, a blue lagoon, fishing boats scattered here and there that seem to have become part of the landscape. Then there is Trinity Islands tucked into those sceneries that takes a challenging two and a half hour drive from the town of Oas center to get to Brgy. Cagmanaba, and another seven to ten minute boat ride to finally reach the place. The name of the place was derived from the number of the islands. What makes them unique are their close proximity to each other like Siamese twins, only there are three of them; the lagoon that they form, which is visible at the peak of the tallest, biggest island; and the emerging diving spots on two of the islands—strongly recommended only to the brave and bold.

A trip to Trinity Islands also offers a privately operated resort that trots out boats for rent and stuff. This is a decent destination to take the family for a day at the beach.

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Vanishing Island – Malilipot, Albay

Locally known as the Wara-Wara Island, the Vanishing Island is located in the island Barangay of Salvacion, Malilipot, Albay. The island is only visible and available during daytime at 7 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon.

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VERA FALLS – Malinao, Albay

It is a stunning cascade nestled at the foot of Mt. Malinao in the province of Albay. Falls is about 8 kilometers from Tabaco City, an hour and a half drive from Legazpi City and about 45-minute drive from Ligao City via Sabloyon Road.

Sources : Mike Sevilla

Pinamuntugan Island – Bacacay, Albay

Dig out your sun block, pack your shades because it’s time to seek out the sun and escape to a paradisiacal beach in Pinamuntugan Island, Langaton Bacacay Albay.

Pinamuntungan Island is a place to discover and escape back to nature. Don’t forget to bring your swimming outfit and snorkelling gear for maximum enjoyment of its clear sapphire blue waters. Besides swimming this beautiful isle also offers other activities including spear fishing, bird-watching and beachcombing.

The best time to go there is early morning. The boat ride is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are no entrance fees. Just bring the basics: food, tents, drinking water, camera, and sunscreen.

Source : Jefrey Apuli