Albay is known for its homegrown premium pilinuts. The usual favorites are crispy candies pilinuts with honey, roasted and salted pili, mazapan, butternuts, caramelitos, pastillas and sesame seed coated pilinuts.

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Pinangat is a version of laing, a famous native chili-hot dish of a little town of Camalig,Albay which is a blend of ground pork, coconut milk, diced shrimps, and chili wrapped in gabi leaves. This dish is a well-known among Bicolanos because of its distinctive taste that a Bicolano could perfect.

source: Ang Sarap Pinoy Recipes

Sili Ice Cream

Home to the 1st Colonial Grill restaurant is the “sili” (chili) ice cream. This ice cream, with “siling labuyo” as one of its main ingredients, comes in different levels of spiciness with the Mayon Volcano level sili ice cream as the spiciest of them all. The harmony of a cold, creamy and spicy ice cream is what makes this dessert a hit among local diners and as well as tourists.

Bicol Express

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Bicol Express is what Bicolanos are known for. It has that good amount of heat that can awaken your taste buds. It has pork cubes cooked in coconut milk and sili with that yumminess you’ll crave after.

DJC Halo-halo

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DJC Halo-halo is the sweetest you will ever experience in Albay! This famed halo-halo’s unique flavor has generous amount of shredded cheese toppings. The balance of sweetness and salty flavor gave DJC a good name.

Guinobatan Longganisa

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Guinobatan Longganisa is a pork sausage in diminutive size and with distinct salty-sour fla or, dipped in vinegar and served  with egg.

Mayon Stuffed Pizza

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A Mayon Volcano shaped calzoned stuffed with Bicol Express pasta and gata. It has Albay flavors in one pizza.


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Muscovado is locally known in Polangui as sankaka and is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice. Kalamay can be eaten alone but is usually used as a sweetener for a number of Filipino desserts and beverages.