Albay Veterinary Office conducted the Provincial Consultation & Assessment Meeting on Animal Health & Livestock / Poultry Programs at Albay Farmers Bounty Village in Camalig. Said meeting discussed several agendas such as the following; ZERO RABIES Albay Project, PROVINCIAL ORDINANCE N0. 005-2019 or Responsible Pet Ownership Ordinance, Animal Health, African Swine Fever, Albay Dairy Development Program, Biters Project and Bird Flu. Updates were given during the meeting and development/preventive plans in every agenda.

The Provincial Youth Development Office (PYDO) in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross Albay Legazpi Chapter conducts a two day training on Emergency First Aid starting today until tomorrow (February 11-12, 2020) at Tiwi Community College. The emergency first aid training prepares the students to become community responders during unwanted disasters and emergency situations.

The said training will also be conducted on eight other Community Colleges within the jurisdiction of the Province. And after of all the community colleges, next to be trained are the SK officials of all the City/Municipality of the Province.

Professors and students from University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB) paid a visit in Albay Farmers Bounty Village last February 11, 2020 in relation to their research about organic agriculture.

Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) conducted an Activity and Discussion  on Marketing Strategy/Marketing’s 4P’s; Product, Price, promotion and Place and attended by the students from Bicol College Daraga, Albay Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Cabarian National High School – General Academic Strand (GAS), Ligao City in relation to their Work Immersion Program.

The Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) led the re-organization and formation of different Fishpond Operators (Tilapia fish farmers) into People’s Organization (PO) in LGU’s of Daraga and Malilipot and the Barangay of Bagacay in Legazpi City on 11 February, 2020.

APAO aims to form the individual fish farmers into POs and be registered as POs. All registered POs will receive help from APAO for the fish farmers to increase their production  and for marketing later on.

The Albay Veterinary Office (AVO) had a meeting with Daraga Mayor Victor Perete and the City Veterinarian of Legazpi on February 11, 2020 for the establishment of additional Provincial Animal Quarantine Checkpoints at Municipality of Daraga and City of Legazpi. This is to further strengthen measures to prevent the entry of animal diseases especially ASF into the province of Albay. AVO also monitored the Animal Quarantine Checkpoints at Libon, Tiwi and Polangui.

The Gender and Development (GAD) Office has successfully implemented all the Gender and Development plans and programs for CY 2019. The success had been attributed to the concerted efforts of the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) Summit Technical Working Group and cooperation of its clients during the implementation of GAD related activities. The full support of the Local Chief Executive was a boost to the morale starting from planning up to the implementation of activities. It was an enriching engagement despite some difficulties encountered by the GAD office throughout the whole implementation.

GAD committed to ensuring focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment


Every 14th of February, people across the world come together to express their outrage, strike, dance, and RISE in defiance to the injustices and women’s suffering, thus demanding to end violence against women and children. A simultaneous walk from the Vel-Amor Subdivision, Legazpi City and Bicol University Grounds to Albay Astrodome went underway to officially start the celebration which was coordinated with the Department of Education (DepEd). 


In the celebration of the Women’s Month Celebration for CY 2019. With the theme: We Make Change Work for Women”, a total of 4,500 supporters gathered at Albay Astrodome to commemorate the said event. Representatives from the Provincial Health Office and JB Duran District Hospital conducted medical and dental services. A total of 266 women patients availed of the said services.


The GAD Office conducted a one-day orientation to the Barangay Officials and Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk Officers of Daraga, Tabaco City and Ligao City on the establishment of a VAW Desk in their respective barangays. The orientation capacitated them in responding to cases of violence committed against women and children.

Likewise, the office distributed Barangay VAW Desk Handbook, VAW Referral System Tarpaulins, IEC (Information, Education, Communication) materials on the Magna Carta Of Women and Sexual Harassment brochures to facilitate their advocacy campaign against VAW. 


A total of 100 participants (female – 82 and male -18) attended the summit. The Orientation of the Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework (GMEF) is an evaluation tool to determine the level of gender mainstreaming in the respective Local Government Units (LGUs). It is a strategy to ensure the recognition of gender issues on a sustained basis to make gender equality and women’s empowerment as a fundamental value in development choices. This tool specifically guides the agencies in assessing the progress of their gender mainstreaming efforts and help identify the next steps to be done.

The GMEF Tool was handed out to the different LGUs for them to assist the progress and level of their gender mainstreaming efforts in their respective local government units.

The GAD Office fully intends to continue its support to the limited gender mainstreaming initiatives and provide technical assistance until such time that they are capable to work on the sustainability of its GAD programs and projects to the different municipalities/cities and barangays in Albay.

On February 10, 2020 (Tuesday), the Local Chief Executives of Albay attended a meeting regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease. President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his speech during the meeting “We can defeat this virus” as he assures the public. This meeting aimed to prevent the spread of the 2019-nCoV in local areas and the Government will do everything to defeat the virus. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) directs Local Government Units (LGUs) to create a task force to meet the need of health emergency.

As of February 10, the Department of Health (DOH) recorded a total of 314 patients under investigation for the new virus. The country has 3 positive cases, with 1 death.

“I urge all of you to be more proactive in the management cases, contact tracing, efficient prevention and control, and information dissemination of the coronavirus,” he said. He also reminded officials to follow protocol set by the DOH and made sure that our people have access to equipment and services that will be of help in preventing the spread of the virus.

The Provincial Government of Albay together with its Provincial Health Office fully pledged to render service and utilization of facilities to control the spread of 2019 NCoV. All actions are taken in to have a preventive Albay.


Dr. Cedric D. Daep presided over a meeting with the Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) chosen departments and other line agencies today (February 10, 2020 – Monday) that discussed and organized the Provincial Task Force NCoV (Novel Corona Virus) that will help the Department of Health (DOH) in the dissemination of precautionary measures to avoid the possible outbreak of NCoV in Albay. 

The public is enjoined to judiciously use masks to prevent the shortage of surgical masks and N95 masks.

1. People in good health do NOT need to use face masks.

2. Use of surgical face masks is ONLY recommended for: (a.) Persons caring for the sick; (b.) Persons with respiratory infection/symptoms coughing, sneezing and/or with fever; (c.) Healthcare andother frontline workers (e.g. BI, PNP)

3. N95 must be reserved for healthcare and other frontline workers who are: (a.) Attending to patients with respiratory infection/ symptoms (cough, colds) or patients under investigation; (b.) Entering rooms of PUIs or confirmed nCoV patients to provide care or clean/ disinfect the environment, or obtain clinical specimens (note: with complete PPE); (c.) Handling clinical specimens, soiled medical supplies or equipment, or come in contact with potentially contaminated environmental surfaces.

In all settings, masks should be used in combination with frequent hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rubs or soap/water.

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