PHIVOLCS warns of possible lava dome crack on Mayon that could trigger pyroclastic flows
(Legazpi City August 25, 2022) Resident volcanologist Dr. Paul Alanis of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has warned of a possible crack on the portion of the lava dome that might generate pyroclastic flows particularly if a strong earthquake hits Albay and could trigger the catastrophe. During the emergency meeting called by Gov. Noel E. Rosal on Thursday attended by members of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC), Dr. Cedric Daep, Chief of Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO), discussed the safety precautions to reduce the hazard from Mayon Volcano, especially those activities within the 6-kilometer permanent danger zone (PDZ). Daep reminded the City and Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officers and the punong barangays who attended the emergency meeting to warn the population still residing within the 6-kilometer PDZ. He asked for the masterlist of the population that may be at risk, the total number of farmers cultivating within the PDZ, as well as the total number of residents within the PDZ who were granted relocation houses. With these updated data, Daep emphasized that if the alert level status of Mayon Volcano raises again to the next levels, they can immediately proceed with the proper execution of evacuation and other plans for each barangay surrounding the foot of the volcano. Just in case the worst happens, the Provincial Government will supervise the plan of action through the respective C/DRRMOs and BDRRMOs. In addition, a preventive plan was also put in place to secure the welfare of the animals. During the previous PDRRMC meeting held Wednesday, Governor Rosal directed the authorities to evacuate the families and strictly forbid farmers to cultivate within the stated vicinity as one of their preventive measures. Recently, Gov. Rosal ordered a “no-human activity” within the 6-km PDZ.

RReodique/KJAbad, Albay PIO

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