It has always been a priority of Governor Al Francis C. Bichara to ensure the welfare of the Albayanos. In order to uphold this vital mission for his province, he unceasingly initiated, planned and implemented numerous programs, projects and activities that will support in uplifting the Albayanos in the field of social services.

By mobilizing the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office which is under the supervision of OIC-Head Dr. Eva Grageda, the Provincial Government of Albay headed by Governor Bichara had been able to successfully administer and deliver social services to Albayanos, from the children and youth sectors, PWDs and to the senior citizens. Assistive devices such as units of wheelchairs and canes were distributed to PWDs and senior citizens along with cash assistance to help them in their day-to-day lives. Students were also given cash aids that will help and support them in pursuing their education.

The joint hardwork of the governor together with the department heads of the various offices that contributed to the social welfare programs rolled out by the provincial government has finally paid off as a much awaited letter from the Association of Local Social Welfare & Development Officers of the Philippines Inc. (ALSWDOPI) dated November 9, 2021 was released yesterday and received by the governor.

The letter acknowledges GOV. AL FRANCIS BICHARA as the MOST OUTSTANDING GOVERNOR IN THE PHILIPPINES for the year 2021 in the Field of Social Service Delivery. Thus, deemed as “the Best in the Country for 2021” by ALSWDOPI.