(Legazpi City, April 5, 2022) – Governor Al Francis C. Bichara awarded sixteen (16) departments of the Provincial Government of Albay and a Wind Vane Award personal special award to Dr. Cedric. D. Daep, Ph., department head of Albay Public Safefy and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) with Plaques of Recognition plus a cash incentive award in recognition of their outstanding performances and achievements in the last six years.

Governor Bichara in his brief message triumphantly smiled and proudly expressed his heartfelt thanks for the hard work achieved by the department awardees and for successfully institutionalizing the successes of their programs under his direction and leadership.

In handing the Plaques of Al Francis C. Bichara Excellence Award, each department was also given a cash incentive award in the amount of twenty-five thousand (25K), an added reward for their outstanding and excellent performances.

The Excellence Award Plaque states it was a special recognition and appreciation of the outstanding accomplishments and dedication to Public Service Excellence.

The sixteen (16) PGA departments award the AFCB Excellence Award were Albay Provincial Cooperative & Manpower Office (APCEMDO) headed by PGDH Lily Nicoleta, Albay Provincial Agricultural Office (APAO) headed by PGDH Che Rebeta, Provincial Education Department (PED) headed by PGDH Dr. Roman Chamberlane G. Zuñiga VI, MLGM, Ph. D., Provincial Health Office (PHO) headed by PGDH Dr. Estela B. Zenit, Provincial Assessor’s Office ( PASSO) headed by PGDH Ren Del Rosario, Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office (PTCAO) headed by PGDH Dorothy F. Colle, Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) headed by PGDH Mayflor Atos, Provincial Budget Office (PBO) headed by PGDH Lilybeth Reforsado, Provincial Accounting Office (PAcctO) headed by PGDH Rey Samuel P. Locsin, Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) chaired by PEO PGDH Engr. Dante Baclao, Gender and Development (GAD) headed by Dr. Rowena Ondiz, Ph.D., Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) headed by Officer-In-Charge Ma. Theresa A. Balane, Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) headed by PGDH Dr. Cedric D. Daep, Ph.D., Provincial Planning and Development Office headed by PGDH Engr. Macario Pavia, Provincial General Services Offices (PGSO) headed by PGDH Oliver Cogasa, and Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) headed by PGDH Dr. Eva Grageda.

Jose M. Briones/Kristel Abad, Albay PIO

Photo Credits;  Lorie Barcelon