The eagerness of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara to provide a better medical service to the Albayano people, he make a way to put his vision into action by enhancing the former Josefina Belmonte-Duran Memorial District Hospital (JBDMDH) which now known as Josefina Belmonte-Duran Albay District Hospital (JBDAPH) that is  located to Tuburan Ligao City.

The said provincial hospital has a capacity of 28 beds housing 14 patients per building. This vision of Gov. Bichara is made for its people in order to give the best medical services that the Albayano deserved. Most of the people preferred to go to the hospital that really cared for them and also considering possible medical expenses, therefore, he became more motivated to accomplish this kind of project.

Not only the JBDAPH being improved, but some hospitals, like Ziga District Hospital, Tabaco Dialysis Center, Manito Municipal Hospital, Pio Duran Memorial District Hospital, and Rapu Rapu District Hospital, are also being improved.