“One Billion Rising Events Take Place Globally, Amplifying the 2021 Rising Gardens Theme and the Connection between Violence against Women and the Destruction of the Earth”

This year, One Billion Rising advocates are calling for RISING GARDENS, a global grassroots call for revival, restoration and transformation, making the connection between violence against women and destruction of the earth. During the pandemic, activists are expanding their reach online as they simultaneously deepen their reach on the ground, as they do community work to meet the needs of the moment. Rising Gardens actions amplify the intersectional issues of women’s inequality and its impact on food insecurity, land ownership and the lack of access to healthcare, as well as the long term effects from extractive industries and the destruction of Mother Earth, and other basic rights, especially for frontline and marginalized communities.

“Gardens remind us of our enduring connection to life, to each other and to Earth, which compels us to do everything in our power to protect and nurture life and all that is sacred without doing harm. The cultivation of plant life is also a means for survival. Growing food in a garden organically – be it your own indoor garden or a community garden – allow you to feed yourself and your community. It provides autonomy and underscores the need for food security in a world where so many are denied these essential resources.”

– Monique Wilson, One Billion Rising Global Director

For eight years, the Provincial Government of Albay thru Gender and Development Office and other partner agencies joins in the yearly celebration of One Billion Rising Activity. A call to end Violence against Women and Children globally.

This year, the 9th year of One Billion Rising, the Provincial Government of Albay – Gender and Development Office support the upcoming activity on One Billion Rising on February 14, 2021.

These OBR creative resistance events are taking place now and will continue through 22 April, Earth Day.