Pursuant to the Presidential Executive Order No. 27- Directing All Government Agencies and Instrumentalities, including Local Government Units (LGU) to implement the Philippine Development Plan and Public Investment Program for the period 2017-2022. The Provincial Government of Albay under the governance of Gov. Al Francis C. Bichara through the Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office (PTCAO) created the Albay Cultural Development Plan for 2020-2026 last, February 4, 2019.

The said plan aims to give emphasis on Local Cultural Development Planning as part of the national government efforts to step up its motivation to the local government units around the country to increase the stake of culture in governance. Thus, as mandated to preserve and develop local culture, PTCAO crafted the Cultural Development Plan as it was an integral part of the province’s economic development plan and growth. They had also conducted cultural mapping of the eighteen (18) LGUs in Albay to ensure the presence of comprehensive information in writing the plan. Furthermore, the said activity had also catered the requirement of the nomination dossier of Mt. Mayon Natural Park to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.